Our values

Our mission : to enable clean mobility accessible

Why is it an emergency ?

Did you know ? 30% of the CO2 emissions in France come from transportation. 

However, clean vehicles are not accessible for two reasons :

  • Financial inaccessibility for much households
  • Limited natural ressources, that is why we need to think about substainable alternatives to preserve those ressources

We want to be integrated in the subtainable development. That is why Phoenix Mobility is engaged for two years in the promotion of an electrical and accessible mobility.

Why did we choose electric cars ?

Electric cars do not reject CO2 or fine particles when it is rolling ! Their carbon footprint are linked to their fabrication but they are absorbed their entire lifetime. By the way, their useful time is more than 150 000km. Moreover, today we know how to recycle those batteries : they will be re-used to stock renewable energies. The UE is working on alternatives to product those batteries in Europe and without lithium

Working on electric cars let us to propose a solution in order to keep our mobility habits


Better than production : transformation

We are face to finite ressources and limited budget for households. That is why PHOENIX MOBILITY develops an alternative to electric car production. 

In fact, we re-use the existing, it means, your car but we transform it in electric one. We just remplace combustion-powered car’s composants by an electric conversion kit.

Our daily engagements

loi pacte

Engagements in legal status

Our main objectives are written in our legal status. It means, to set up actions in order to fight against energetic precariourness. That is why, Phoenix Mobility is called as a "mission company" (= entreprise à mission). According to the French law, Phoenix Mobility must respect its engagements in social and environmental objectives.

Parity and horizontality

The team management is a crucial point for us. We encourage our collaborators to take part in the evolution of Phoenix Mobility. We also try to respect parity : today, we have 40% of female employees. The majority is working in the technical sector.


Professional development

Because we spent a lot of time on our office, Phoenix Mobility takes care of the employee wellbeing. It means intern communication between managers and employees, increased responsabilities and a good work atmosphere. We organize ome afterworks to promote the team cohesion.

Do you share our values ? Support us !

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