Our values

Our mission is to make clean mobility accessible.


To meet the global climate goals and SDG:s, we need to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility. By creating cost- and resource efficient solutions, we can make electric vehicles an affordable option for a broader range of consumers. Thus by using the existing ICE fleet as a platform to lower the net cost for the e-mobility transition sparing our scarce natural resources.


At Phoenix Mobility, we therefore commit to promote electric mobility while striving for everyone to have acces to a clean, non-emitting and cost efficient vehicle.

Our commitments include informative measures creating awareness of our day to day behavior as consumers promoting environmental actions and circularity.

Consequently, Phoenix Mobility is in the process of becoming a mission and impact driven company as defined in the French law. This commitment is followed by the definition of our mission directly in the company’s status. In other words, Phoenix Mobility’s actions and results will only be judged regarding the achievement of our mission.


Futhermore, the company management commit to continuously promote gender and cultural equality with a flat, non-hierarchical organizational structure. We commit our equality efforts on all levels including recruitment, our employees and salary policies.


We are convinced that making clean mobility accessible is not only a matter of our car conversion technology. Therefore we commit to take general actions to continuously reduce energy consumption, use of natural resources and promote mobility efficiency in our full value chain – involving suppliers, partners and customers.