Your ice vehicle becomes 100% electric

Why convert your car into electric?

Converting your vehicle allows you to drive clean, to save money and to save the planet.


Save €10,000 after 5 years. You make savings on maintenance, on cost of fuel, and of casualties of an ICE vehicle.

Reduction of C02 emssions

Converting your car into 100% electric allows for an average 14 tons of CO2 savings. Let's make a real gesture for the planet!

Performance & Reliability

Using an electric vehicle. With an electric vehicle, just say goodbye to maintenance. You will drive an efficient vehicle which will never leave you on the side of the road.

Comfortable driving

Your converted car offers you an enhanced driving comfort. Let's say good bye to the sound of your old engine: find true driving sensations.

3 clics, 1 offer, 1 price

Fill in the model of the car to convert, autonomy and power you need, we handle the rest.

Installation in 2 days

We replace your old engine with a new electric motor and its batteries.

Your vehicle is ready

You recover your vehicle, with the comfort of an electric drive.

You just changed the world !

You drive a vehicle converted to the 100% electric : you changed the world !

How much does it cost ?

This is  not a quote but a simulation. Phoenix Mobility will open preorders step by step.

These data allow us to draw up a quote according to your desired power and autonomy.