Transform your fleet

We convert your ICE vehicles into 100% electric ones . Discover our retrofitting technology.


Accelerate and simplify your energy transition strategy

Our engineers design and manufacture conversion kits that enable petrol or diesel vehicles to be turned into 100% electric vehicles. This process is called retrofit, and Phoenix Mobility is one of the pioneers in France.

Our vehicles offer a range of 100 to 250km and are delivered with an on-board charger. As an option, we also offer fast charge and a touch screen navigation system.

Save money

Reduce your fuel and maintenance expenses and limit breakdowns.

Stop polluting

EVs do not emit CO2 on the road. If you operate in France, you will get a Crit' Air 0 sticker allowing you to drive anywhere without restrictions.

Drive Safely

Our vehicles are certified by the French authorities and our components are tested in order to guarantee your safety.

Federate your employees

Make your CSR commitments a reality thanks to retrofit and unite your employees around a meaningful project!

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