Our values

Our mission is to make clean mobility accessible.


To achieve that goal, we comit to promote electric mobility and to allow everyone to have acces to a clean vehcile.


That being said, our commitments also extend to our day to day behiavor. Consequently, Phoenix Mobility is currently in process of becoming a mission driven company as defined in the French law. This commitment is followed by the definition of our mission directly in the company’s status. In other words, Phoenix Mobility’s actions and results will only be judged regarding the achievement of our mission.


Futhermore, the management of our firm promotes equality and horizontality at all level. We commit to watch for gender equality at all level, on a recruitment side as well as on the salary side.


We are also convinced that making clean mobility accessible is not only a matter of car conversion. In that sense, we commit to take actions to reduce energy precarity and mobility precarity through varity of actions.


To conclude, on a day-to-day basis, Phoenix Mobility commits to make a reasoned use of resources.